Argyle Park – Fanny Pack

How can this be?! A remastered, deluxe version of Argyle Park’s Misguided came out last fall, and I am just now aware of it?! And it contains a few new songs!

Misguided ranks up there amongst my favorite albums of all time — I’ll definitely have to purchase the remastered version sometime soon.

Here’s one of the new songs, “Fanny Pack”, featuring Mark Salomon (Stavesacre, Outer Circle):

The Flaming Lips – We A Famly

I’ve listened to the new The Flaming Lips album, Oczy Mlody, a few times since it came out on Friday. The entire album is excellent, but the song I’m obsessed with is the last song on the album, “We A Family”. I had it in my head the whole day today, so I put it on repeat tonight and listened to it ten or so times in a row once I finally got a chance to listen to some music. So good.

David Bowie – No Plan EP

On what would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday a few days ago, the No Plan EP was released. Three new, previously unreleased, songs and Lazarus (from Blackstar). I’ve been listening to this EP whenever I get a chance the past few days… it is filled with energy, anger, and is Bowie through-and-through.

I’m glad that even from beyond the grave, he was able to share a little more of his fantastic art with us. Up until the very end, David Bowie was on the top of this game.

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