David Bowie

This morning I woke up and checked my phone. My sister had texted me and told me David Bowie had died. Wow. I really wasn’t expecting that.

I had planned to buy his new album Blackstar, which came out on his 69th birthday a few days ago, after I had some cash. But I remembered that we had an iTunes gift card that my wife had said I could use… I had to listen to his final gift to all of us…

I spent the entire day listening to Blackstar over and over… it is such a powerful album from one of the most creative and brilliant musicians. I read today that he was well aware that this would be his last album… I can’t fathom how hard it must have been to forge ahead on this album while battling cancer and dealing with his own mortality. But, he certainly didn’t take it easy musically or lyrically. Blackstar pushes the bounds of art and music in a way that only David Bowie could.

Bowie has been such a huge inspiration to me. And will continue to be. Thanks David.


Photo from Mojo

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