Taylor Swift (.com) Then and Now

Earlier today, Taylor Swift retweeted this photo of her press kit when she was younger:

This got me to wondering what the earliest version of her website looked like… the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to the rescue!

Here’s the earliest version of taylorswift.com that the Wayback Machine has, from June 2002 — over four years prior to the release of her debut album, Taylor Swift (unfortunately the main images used on this version of the page aren’t archived):

taylorswift.com June 2002

Here’s the first version of taylorswift.com that has archived images, from November 2002:

taylorswift.com November 2002

And here’s taylorswift.com in August 2015:

taylorswift.com 2015

Seeing the progression of Taylor’s website from the beginning to now is inspiring and a reminder of just how much she has accomplished in 13 years!

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